Two internal Academic Scholarships will be awarded to current pupils in their final GCSE year at St Mary’s for the duration of the Sixth Form.  In addition, one Academic Scholarship may be awarded to an internal or an external candidate. 

Scholarships for Art, Drama, Music and Sport may be awarded to an internal or an external candidate for the duration of the Sixth Form.  Girls accepting one of these awards are expected to take the subject to A2 Level.

In addition to the full Academic Scholarships, up to two Exhibitions will be offered to internal or external candidates. 

Sixth Form Scholarship examinations, assessments and interviews for external candidates will take place in the November prior to the year of entry. For more information on these Scholarships and application deadlines, please contact the Admissions Department for the relevant form(s) and download the Scholarship Prospectus for further information.

Foundation Scholarships

One Foundation Scholarship is available annually at 11+ and one at Sixth Form to particularly gifted and talented pupils from the state education sector who, for reasons of financial restriction, might otherwise be prevented from applying to the school.  All Foundation Scholarships are retained to the end of the Sixth Form.  The Scholarships are means-tested and could reduce the Day fees by up to 100%. 

At Sixth Form, Scholarships are made subject to academic record, interview, reference and personal statements.  Although they are not exam based, work relevant to the A Levels you to wish to study must be submitted with the application form.  Consideration will go particularly, but not exclusively, to girls whose parents have not themselves been to university or higher education, but who strive for this for their daughters.

All Foundation Scholarships share the same application process.  Applicants should register interest in the Scholarships in September of the year preceding entry.  An Information Evening is held in late September which includes a tour of the school. 

CFT Enrichment Scholarships

The Calne Foundation Trust awards Enrichment Scholarships to girls in the Sixth Form for academic or gap year purposes. Applicants need to present their proposed project to a panel which will include Trustees from the Calne Foundation Trust and awards may be made up to £1500, dependent on the project and at the discretion of the panel.

The types of activities we support
The list below gives ideas of the types of projects that we aim to support. It is not exhaustive and we assess each project on its own merits.

  • A travel scholarship to undertake research or other academic project relevant to A2 studies; 
  • A travel scholarship to encourage and assist girls to broaden their education by attending vacation or other courses;
  • A Gap Year project which will bring benefit to others and is [academically] enriching for the applicant;
  • Funding for leadership activities or courses;
  • Financial support for girls already on bursaries to enable them to participate in school curriculum trips.

When assessing applications for The CFT Enrichment Scholarship, we will consider applications according to the following criteria (not all of which will apply to all projects):

  • benefit to others
  • benefit to self
  • financial need
  • satisfactory academic progress.

Find out more about the application process.